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birthright jazz





A New Pink Mythology 


Kristy Perez


The poet is the player with with the queer sense of rhythm and the perfect sense of timing.

Improvisation within an existing musical time structure is much like idiosyncratic mark making within a given visual frame of reference. The body’s playful exploration pushes the parameters. Repetitive and suspended gestures birth syncopated rhythms giving way to new modalities and fresh content. Gestures, beats and marks become figures, symbols and myth. Jazz is partly based in the freedom to explore endlessly within an existing framework. It is also based in self-creation.

About a year ago I started making drawings with a Staedtler pink hilighter and a can of Montana Gold’s spray paint color “Gleaming Pink”. I quickly became obsessed with the look of these pinks in combination with other marks and on different surfaces. I worked furiously, producing well over a hundred works on paper in about a 12 month span in the studio, using one or both of these mark making tools in every work. I eventually started to cover objects with the same pinks and that led to a scale shift in the work. There has since been a natural progression from strictly formal exploration into realizing the work as a kind fractured narrative that I am creating. I've coined the work A New Pink Mythology and have edited down for the exhibition a phrase that best describes the story I'm trying to tell, a glimpse at my discoveries so far.