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VENUS is a 6 foot pen drawing. Its an abstracted image I drew from a photo I took of my girlfriend laying in our bed. I snapped the photo impulsively one day and then felt compelled to draw the image life size. By composing the image initially from a birds eye view then drawing it upright a kind of floating figure ground relationship was immediately created. The spatial ambiguity is compounded by my choice to leave out of the drawing, the bedding and other information in the photo. This is not a demure and idealized image of a woman but one that depicts a more true representation of a woman simultaneously at ease and in power in her own space and time. It wasn’t until I decided to show the work to the public, that I decided to title it VENUS.

Title: VENUS 

Date: 2017

Medium: pen (staedtler pigment liner) on paper (Fabriano)

Dimensions: 56 3/4” x 73”